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Chocolate Fountain

Our fountain consists of 5 tiers of polished steel with a massive 8kg chocolate capacity allowing up to 12 hours continuous use.

Displayed on an illuminated LED surround which can change colour gradually, flash or stay static on a chosen colour. Presented on a 5ft wide round table with white stretchy cloth cover which can also be illuminated.

We only use the finest Belgian chocolate in our fountain and do NOT add cooking oil. Other colours and flavours of chocolate available.

We always include 2 operators who are smartly uniformed and food hygiene trained. They will keep the area spotlessly clean as well as replenish the dips and chocolate when needed.


You can choose up to 6 different dips and we recommend giving guests a choice of at least 5.

The ones we always find the most popular are mini donuts, profiteroles, strawberries and marshmallows.

We can provide other dips on request – just ask and we will do our best to provide it for you.



Strawberries – Fudge – Mini Donuts – Profiteroles – Marshmallows – Grapes – Jelly Babies – Coconut Mushrooms – Liquorice Allsorts – Shortbread – Cookies – Mini Muffins – Flapjacks

Our prices are for your chosen chocolate and a choice of 6 dips from our list
Price £300 ( extra hours available at an agreed cost )

*cheaper options available if booked as a package with ANY of our other services (ask for a quote)